Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Marraskuun pimeinä ja loskaisina iltoina ei ulkoilu aina inspiroi. Onneksi sisälläkin riittää tekemistä mielin määrin....

Brion junarata on ikivihreä suosikki!

Naapurissa rakennetaan, joten viime viikot meillä on leikitty ahkerasti työmies- ja kaivurileikkejä...

Duunari on lähtenyt pitämään pientä taukoa :)


During these dark and cold November evenings it is not always very inspiring to go play outside. Luckily the little ones always have so much fun also at home...
The Brio railway is an evergreen favourite. There is lots of construction work going on in our neighborhood and perhaps that's the reason why one of kids' favorite play has recently been construction work role-playing with all the necessary excavators, helmets and other stuff. :)
Shirt by Molo Kids, excavator by Plasto.


  1. i like the red and yellow "wagon" looks a bit like a christmas horse :)
    are they from brio as well?

  2. Paul&Paula: Yes, they're from "My first railway" toddler set by Brio.The set also includes a very cute mother pony who breastfeeds the little ones (there are magnets in her tummy where all the three little ponys can be attached) :)

  3. interesting :)
    thank you, i will have a look!