Friday, November 26, 2010

I love Muji!

Mujia olen hehkutellut monesti ennenkin.
Näin joulun alla löytyy verkkokaupasta aivan ihania puulelusettejä...

Teatime in a bag
Japanese garden in a bag

London in a box
London transport in a bag

NY in a box
Paris in a box

Space in a bag
Airport in a box

kaikki kuvat / all photos by Muji

I have been a big fan of Muji so many years. 
So lovely wooden toy sets available at the webshop!


  1. oh yes, MUJI is great! lovely little things...
    I always shop there when in Paris or Berlin, no Muji in Amsterdam...
    Happy week end dear...

  2. Paul&Paula: Same here... nowadays it's not possible to visit Muji very often. Luckily there is a Muji store in Stockholm (that's what I have read, not visited yet) and that's the nearest one for us!